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Alien Identities
Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena

by Richard L. Thompson

Table of Contents


Foreword by Whitley Strieber


   Explanations for the Origin of UFO Lore
   Vedic Literature and Culture Shock


Chapter 1: Science and the Unidentified

   UFO Reports by Scientists and Engineers
   On Scientists Who Study UFOs
   Recent Scientific Studies of UFOs

Chapter 2: Close Encounters of Various Kinds
   False UFO Reports
   On Misperception and Failings of Memory
   The False Memory Syndrome
   A Well-Corroborated Close Encounter
   A Report to Congress
   Un Disco Volante
   Martians, Fertilizer, and Psychiatry
   Cases Involving Children
   Physical Traces and Effects
   Electromagnetic Effects on Cars
   Photographic Evidence

Chapter 3: The Role of the Government
   The CIA and the Robertson Panel
   What Was Happening Meanwhile
      Examples of Military UFO Chases
      Cases Involving Radar
   The Condon Report
   More Ongoing Events
   Deep, Dark Conspiracies
      The Roswell Crash
      The Vexing Question of the Alien Bodies
      Disinformation and MJ-12

Chapter 4: UFO Abductions
   The Buff Ledge Case
   History and Frequency of Abduction Cases
   General Characteristics of UFO Abductions
   Recurring Small Details
   Injury and Disease
   Anatomy of a Hallucination?
   On the Evolution of Humanoids
   Seduction and Genetics
   The Element of Fear
   Missing Time
   The Role of Hypnosis
   Psychological Evaluation of Abductees
   The Paranormal Factor

Chapter 5:
   The Adamski Case
   From Abductee to Contactee
   The Quality of UFO Communications
      Technical Gibberish
   The Theory of Genetic Intervention
   Disasters and More Genetics


Chapter 6: Transhuman Contact in Vedic Civilization

   A Synopsis of the Vedic World View
      Other Worlds
      The Soul
      The Cosmic Hierarchy
      Self-Centered Elements
      Human Origins
   Vedic Accounts of Close-Encounter Phenomena
      The Aerial Bombardment of Dvaraka
      Invisibility and Sound-Seeking Arrows
      Levitation, or Laghima-Siddhi
      Disappearance and Reappearance
      Bodily Travel Through Matter and Space
      The Abduction of Arjuna by Ulupi
      The Abduction of Duryodhana
      Induced Paralysis and Long-Distance Hypnosis
      Projection of Illusory Forms
      The Oz Factor

Chapter 7: The Story of Vimanas
   Machines in Ancient and Medieval India
      Traditional Airplanes
   The Vaimanika-sastra
   Vimanas in the Vedic Literature
      General Purpose Vimanas
      Flying Cities 
      What About Flying Horses and Chariots?
      Vaikuntha Vimanas

Chapter 8: Modern Observations and Ancient Traditions
   The Fairy Folk
   Abductions and Crossbreeding
      Genetics and Human Origins
   Succubi and Incubi
   Time Dilation and Other Worlds
   Parallel Realms and UFOs
   The Fairy Folk and the Nagas
   The Nagas of Kashmir
   Visions and Miracles--the Fatima Case
      The Solar Miracle
      The Beings Seen at Fatima
      Fatima as a UFO-Encounter Case

Chapter 9: Harm's Way
   Hairy Monster Cases
   Cattle Mutilations
      The Helicopter Connection
      Ground Traces in Mutilation Cases
      Humanoid Reports in Mutilation Cases
   Inimical Behavior of UFO Entities Toward Humans
      The Cimarron, New Mexico, Case
      Unusual Alien Clothing
      Direct Attacks on Human Beings
      Men in Black
   Inimical Behavior of Vedic Humanoids Toward Humans
      Star Wars and Their Consequences
      The Plot of the Ramayana
      The Plot of the Mahabharata

Chapter 10: Gross and Subtle Energies
   OBEs and UFOs
      The White-Robed Beings
      Physical Form or Subtle Form?
   Physical Aftereffects of UFO Abductions
   Near-Death Experiences with Administrative Bungling
   UFOs and the Recycling of Souls
      Soul Recycling and the Government
   The Physical, the Subtle, and Beyond

Chapter 11: UFOs and Religion
   Atma, Brahman, and the Evolution of Consciousness
      Transmigration and Higher Planes
      Pantheism and Impersonalism
      Brahman Realization
   The Role of Maya

Appendix 1: On the Interpretation of Vedic Literature

Appendix 2: Contemporary Indian Cases

   The Smallpox Lady
   The Spear of Karttikeya
   Encounter with a Jaladevata 
   UFOs over Mayapura




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